Photo an Hour

The idea of Photo an Hour is simple. During a day, you take one photo every hour. You can upload these to social media, you can put them into a blog post, you can even print them out and keep an album. It’s fun to document a day, whether it’s a normal day, or one that’s a bit more out of the ordinary. It also provides a photography challenge.

Every month a group of people take part in a group photo an hour challenge. On a pre-decided day (usually a Saturday), we all take our photos, and most of us upload them to social media (usually Instagram), using #photoanhour. Then Louisa and I take it turns to write a blog post rounding up the day, including our own photos, and a full list of everyone who took part.

Photo an Hour

It’s a great little community, full of people who share similar interests (pets, tea and wine, for the most part); but you also get to see some unusual hobbies as well – Louisa shares a lot of carnival photos, and as for me? Well it’s mostly books, I’ll be honest.

If you would like to join in, it’s simple.

  • Sign up here to get a monthly email reminding you a couple of days before the day.
  • On the given day, upload a photo once an hour to Instagram or Twitter, using #photoanhour
  • Alternatively, save your photos, pop them into a blog post, and then send me (@itydarling / or Louisa (@duckinadress) the link, so we can include it in our roundup.

It’s that simple. Are you in?